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Agile Coach, Trainer & Educator

Servant leadership empowers people to be their best. Alex coached and trained dozens of teams, individuals and Scrum Masters on the benefits of using Scrum, Kanban and SAFe and how to apply them even beyond software engineering.

Inspires out-of-box Innovation

Change is inevitable in today’s market. The ability to see the big picture and think out-of-the box allows companies to quickly respond to and manage change in order to innovate and focus on what they do best.

Community Organizer & Agility Advocate

Passion for Agile led to the formation of SFAA as a local user community that has since grown to 1200 members strong to educate South Florida professionals and companies on Agile & Lean best practices. Regular participator & speaker at local & national Agile conferences.

Certifications & Selected Portfolio

Certifications and awards further endorse a big-four management consulting background and wide industry experience. Practical solutions can quickly help you overcome your critical business impediments.

IT Leader, Portfolio Manager and Business Agility consultant with expertise in transforming organizations from Waterfall to Agile using Scrum, Kanban and SAFe. Over 20 years engaging IT and business leadership to partner and deliver complex projects globally with Accenture, Microsoft and the United Nations.

Co-founder of South Florida Agile Association, Conference Chair and Agility speaker and a driving force in Agile education and transformation at the community level. Project background in software development and various ERP packages. Servant-leader with a passion for improving corporate agility as a trigger for innovation.

Ignite YOUR innovative juices

"To Improve is to be Perfect is to Change Often" - Winston Churchill
Often ...


According to Heraclitus, “The only thing that is constant is change.” In today’s business environment, markets, customers, competition, vendors, etc. are continuously in a state of flux. Although business survival may depend on your ability to adapt, getting ahead of the pack requires you to be truly innovative.

An MIT study in 2009 showed that Agile companies grow revenue 37% faster! The power of Agile gives you the flexibility to quickly experiment with new products and services without compromising existing ones to gain new competitive advantages. Being able to correctly and practically apply Agile principles is critical in giving you a sustainable competitive advantage.

So invite change, engage customers and focus on quickly delivering working products that meet their needs. By launching and coaching high performance Agile teams to quickly implement business concepts, your ability to innovate will multiply exponentially.

  • -Be Agile, don't just do Agile
    -Tailor agility to your needs

  • -Encourage self-organization
    -Focus on working products

  • -Reward experimentation
    -Evolve with inspect & adapt

  • -Involve customers
    -Stop chasing metrics

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