Agile Beyond Software, How to Put on a 600+ Agile Conference in Just Three Months!

(Work In Progress)

If I am an Agile coach, I must practice what I preach..gladly!”

Who says Agile is just for Software Development? As conference chair for Agile Transformation Summit 2015 (ATS2015), together with an awesome team of 25 volunteers, we utilized Agile beyond software to put on a world-class Agile conference.  ATS 2015 was organized in less than three months and was attended by over 620 professionals from over 165 companies!

Vision: Worldclass conference in record time

Challenge: Due to time availability, less than 3 months to oragnize

Approach: Use Agile (Scrum)

Divide and conquer.

Approach: Launch different teams, each led by their own PO, empower teams to self-oragnize

Within each team daily standups

Weekly cross-team meetings,

Inspect & Adapt


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