Story Sizing using Agile Relative Estimation

Ever wonder why Agile teams swear by relative estimation? With great respect to the advocates to move away from estimation, newer teams benefit greatly from estimation.  My teams improved our sprint planning efforts by a factor or 3, once we started using relative estimation. Without understanding Agile relative estimation, teams tend to fall back to Read more about Story Sizing using Agile Relative Estimation[…]

Living the Scrum Values – Respect

]There is a difference from ‘doing’ Agile and ‘being’ Agile. The difference is in the mindset. Teams that are truly Agile invoke the five Scrum values: Focus, Commitment, Courage, Respect and Openness.   Tobias Mayer discussed respect in his blog and made mention of being nice, but is being nice necessarily being respectful? Successful scrum Read more about Living the Scrum Values – Respect[…]